Episode 1: Welcome

Welcome folx! Thank you for joining us in the living room. This is our first episode! Wow! How did this even happen?

Grab a beverage and get comfortable. In this first episode, we introduce ourselves, the land we’re on, and the work we’re doing. We also ask the question; what does intergenerational work look like to you? How does/doesn’t it show up in your life? Come bask in the laughter. Sit in the ponder. Awe at our intergenerational magic… Stay tuned until the end to find out where we’re taking the microphone next!

BlackChat is a series of social salons that originated in the summer of 2016. Curated by intergenerational co-conspirators !Kona and Morgan, BlackChat has dedicated it’s work to healing Black communities in the lower mainland through family reunion styled gatherings. Operating out of pocket, and out of home, BlackChat is entirely self-funded.

Our three streams of programming include BlackChat; the gatherings, BlackAttack; field trips to arts and culture events, and finally, BlackChat the Podcast which is now live!

For updates and ways to contribute, visit http://www.patreon.com/blackchat or follow us on Instagram @blackchatvancouver

Artwork by Ifetayo Zarine Alabi